Unveiling The Future of Security — The New Keystone Brand

Aug 08, 2023
4 mins read
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A New Era For Keystone

Keystone has been a name synonymous with security, innovation, and relentless pursuit of user experience. For half a decade, through five meticulous years of iterations, we have sculpted a product that reflects not just our capabilities but our aspirations. Gaining consistent recognition from users, our products have stood the test of time and commitment.

Yet, the time has come to recognize that our current brand image does not fully resonate with our underlying philosophy and the vision that has driven us forward. Our vision goes beyond mere product design, it also reflects our core values, our dedication to security, and our commitment to an unparalleled user experience.

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We are thrilled to embark on a new journey. This is not just an upgrade to our brand image; it is a reiteration of who we are and what we believe in. It is a deeper exploration into what makes Keystone not just a product but a partner in your journey. We are re-communicating the core values that Keystone adheres to, evolving our brand, and deepening the consensus among those who have placed their trust in us.

We invite you to experience a brand that not only aligns with our product vision but also symbolizes our steadfast commitment to you.

A New Logo Steeped in Principles

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The essence of our new logo is encapsulated in four key values:

  • Security: By open-sourcing all possible code, we champion a transparent approach to security that’s confident enough to withstand all challenges

  • Stability: Our commitment to rock solid excellence pervades every aspect, from product design to customer service and visual representation

  • Usability: Simplicity is our strength. With an intuitive design mirroring mobile experience, Keystone ensures a seamless user journey

  • Decentralization: We are steadfast in implementing support for third-party software wallets, offering users the best compatibility and fostering collaborative efforts between Web3 protocols

Symbolizing the New Keystone Logo

Keystone’s heritage still resonates in the new logo symbol, carrying forward the Key Stone shape in a stone arch. The font’s thickness marries tradition with youthfulness, while the colour pays homage to our old logo, subtly tweaked for visual vibrancy.

Our new logo serves as the core symbol of our philosophy, echoing our values:

Security — Through Open Source

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Decentralization — Emphasizing Collaboration

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Stability & Simplicity — An Untoppleable and Easily Recognized Symbol

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Shaping the Future

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With a perfect blend of legacy and innovation, Keystone’s rebranding is more than a mere facelift; it’s a renewed commitment to the Web3 world. It’s a promise to continue our pursuit of security, stability, usability, and decentralization, offering users the opportunity to experience the future, today.

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Join us as we embark on this new chapter, where we endeavor to elevate the standards of hardware wallets, setting the stage for an era of boundless possibility.

Let’s shape the future together. Download our new Media Kit here.


About Keystone

Keystone is an open-source airgap hardware wallet that utilizes an embedded system. To further enhance its security, the device is equipped with three secure element chips. One of Keystone’s unique features is its ability to support multiple recovery seed phrases, reducing the need to purchase multiple hardware wallet devices.

With the primary aim of maximizing security against potential threats, minimizing dependence, reducing human errors, and eliminating single points of failure, Keystone also places a strong emphasis on extensive interoperability. It is compatible with well-known software wallets such as MetaMask (both Extension and Mobile versions), as well as other premier software wallets like the OKX Web3 Wallet, Solflare, Rabby, and more.

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