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Unleashing the Power of Multiple Secret Recovery Phrases with Keystone 3: A Comprehensive Guide

Jun 18, 2023
6 mins read
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Keystone 3 is changing the game, specifically with its ability to support up to three sets of secret recovery phrases. This unprecedented feature enables a unique approach to managing and securing digital assets, presenting numerous advantages. Let’s delve deeper!

Embracing the Power of Multiple Secret Recovery Phrases


Secret recovery phrases serve as the fundamental pillar of crypto security. They are essentially a list of words which store all the information needed to recover a crypto wallet. The Keystone 3 hardware wallet’s unique capability to support three sets of these recovery phrases unlocks several opportunities for efficient asset management and increased security.

What does this mean for users? Each Keystone 3 has the capacity to accommodate up to three distinct recovery phrases, each secured by different passwords, thereby enabling users to oversee multiple crypto accounts from a single hardware wallet. Transitioning between wallets is a breeze, requiring only the respective password inputs. This feature amplifies the device’s adaptability and user-friendly nature.

Additionally, it also enables users to easily create a new wallet for multi-signature transactions without the need for an extra hardware wallet. This boosts operational efficiency without compromising the safety and integrity of their digital assets. Expanding Compatibility: Keystone integrates with Safe on Android

It may seem like we’re discouraging customers from purchasing multiple Keystones, but this approach is deliberately implemented to cater to the high demands of our power users. This demonstrates our commitment to provide an optimal user experience above all.

Asset Segregation

The implementation of multiple secret recovery phrases allows you to categorize and organize your crypto assets based on your unique needs. For instance, you could consider segregating your digital assets as follows:


  • Secret recovery phrase 1 for Bitcoin: The first recovery phrase could be dedicated to Bitcoin, serving as your primary digital currency reserve. Bitcoin, being the pioneer and most widely adopted cryptocurrency, is a sound choice for your primary wallet.

  • Secret recovery phrase 2 for Ethereum & ERC20 tokens: With the rise of Decentralized Finance (DeFi) on the Ethereum blockchain, you could use your second recovery phrase exclusively for Ethereum and DeFi related transactions.

  • Secret recovery phrase 3 for NFTs: Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) have been making headlines lately. Using your third recovery phrase for NFT transactions allows you to participate in this exciting space while keeping your other assets secure and separated.

This segregation of wallets adds an extra layer of security. If one wallet is compromised, the others remain safe, preventing total loss. Moreover, this categorization enhances clarity in tracking and managing your assets.

Asset Distribution

Another approach to utilize the three secret recovery phrases could be to designate them based on the amount of funds stored. This arrangement serves as a strategic layer of protection against potential threats:


  • Secret recovery phrase 1 for Cold Storage: You could use the first recovery phrase to create a ‘savings’ wallet, storing a large portion of your assets securely. This wallet should be accessed sparingly, much like a savings account.

  • Secret recovery phrases 2 and 3 for Spending (Semi Hot Wallets): The other two recovery phrases could be tied to ‘spending’ & ‘decoy’ wallets, holding smaller amounts for daily transactions.

In the unfortunate scenario of a “**$5 wrench attack**” where you are coerced into disclosing your recovery phrase, this method of asset distribution can fool an attacker into assuming that another wallet is your primary one. Instead of using your primary recovery phrase, you would enter a different one to unlock a decoy wallet, thereby ensuring the majority of your assets remain secure.

Enhanced Security with SLIP39 and Self-Made Secret Recovery Phrases


Keystone 3 doesn’t just stop at supporting multiple secret recovery phrases. It takes security a notch higher by supporting SLIP-39, an implementation of Shamir’s Secret Sharing Scheme. This feature allows you to split your secret recovery phrase into multiple parts. Storing these parts separately provides an additional security layer as the compromisation of one part doesn’t lead to a total loss of your assets.

The option to construct your own secret recovery phrase is another standout feature of Keystone 3. This allows advanced users to create their secret recovery phrase, offering increased customization. However, this tool should be used judiciously as self-constructed secret recovery phrases may lack the entropy (randomness), potentially making them less secure.

In Conclusion

The Keystone 3 hardware wallet redefines security and asset management for users. Its unique support for multiple secret recovery phrases, coupled with features like SLIP-39 and the option to self-customize your own secret recovery phrase, sets a new standard for hardware wallets.

But, remember, with great power comes great responsibility. It’s paramount to secure and manage your secret recovery phrase properly to ensure the safety of your crypto assets.

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About Keystone

Keystone is an open-source airgap hardware wallet that utilizes an embedded system. To further enhance its security, the device is equipped with three secure element chips. One of Keystone’s unique features is its ability to support multiple recovery seed phrases, reducing the need to purchase multiple hardware wallet devices.

With the primary aim of maximizing security against potential threats, minimizing dependence, reducing human errors, and eliminating single points of failure, Keystone also places a strong emphasis on extensive interoperability. It is compatible with well-known software wallets such as MetaMask (both Extension and Mobile versions), as well as other premier software wallets like the OKX Web3 Wallet, Solflare, Rabby, and more.

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