Sustainable Packaging: Keystone’s Perspective

Nov 29, 2023
4 mins read

In the contemporary world, a rising tide of environmental concerns — land, water, and air contamination, climatic changes, biodiversity loss, or health repercussions like respiratory issues and cancer — continues challenging humanity. Among these pressing concerns, product packaging is one of the easily overlooked culprits.

The Unseen Impact of Unboxing Joy


Most of us have experienced the joy of unboxing a new electronic device. That distinct smell, the pristine components, and the adrenaline rush that accompanies the reveal. However, each time we relish this moment, we inadvertently contribute to the mounting waste from packaging materials. For many businesses, the quest for delivering an optimal unboxing experience can often overshadow the bigger environmental picture.

At Keystone, we’re on a mission to rethink this dynamic. While our immediate business objectives focus on enhancing product experience and driving sales, we’re equally, if not more, invested in our planet’s future. With the new packaging for our Keystone 3 Pro, we are embarking on a journey to harmonise the thrill of unboxing with sustainable practices.

Our Approach: Incorporating Sustainability

Prioritising Eco-friendly Materials


Purity in Packaging: Our product’s external packaging utilises FSC(Recycled Kraft Paper), recognised for its near-complete pulp content and zero plastic elements. The surface of the packaging paper does not use PP film to protect the ink, but instead uses substitute plastic oil to protect the printed content. It contains no plastic components, meaning our packaging materials are 100% biodegradable.


Sensible Inner Design: For the inner core, we’ve opted for cardboard made from RGBP(Recycled Gray Board Paper), commonly known as grey cardboard. It’s not only robust but also has a reduced carbon footprint compared to its white cardboard counterpart due to the reduced bleaching processes.


Optimised Tray Design: Crafted from black kraft card paper, the product tray is meticulously designed to reduce paper consumption without compromising product safety. Furthermore, we’ve incorporated cushioning paper, eliminating the need for traditional, less eco-friendly foam or plastic buffers.


Environment-friendly ink: The content printing uses environmentally friendly vegetable oil ink.

Embracing Recycling and Reuse


At Keystone, we believe packaging is more than just a protective cover or an impressive unboxing moment. We design our packaging to be repurposed, recycled, and reused long after its initial purpose is fulfilled. Our unique drawer-style packaging, accompanied by our special jelly glue, can easily be repurposed into a functional storage unit that can be attached under your table. What’s more, the washable nature of the glue ensures it can be reused, making it ideal for securing other items like power strips.

Final Thoughts: Our Eco-promise


Our journey towards sustainable packaging isn’t merely a business move; it’s a testament to our unwavering commitment to Mother Earth. We genuinely believe that even if our efforts offset a minuscule amount of carbon, it’s a step in the right direction. Through constant innovation, we aim to provide our customers with not just a product but a sustainable experience.

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