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Keystone 3 Pro: The Ultimate Protector of Your Digital Assets

Jun 26, 2023
6 mins read
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Picture this: A world where managing and protecting your digital assets is a breeze, thanks to a single piece of hardware that flawlessly combines convenience and security. The future of digital asset management has arrived and its name is the Keystone 3 Pro. Consider it your reliable companion in the world of Web3.

Keystone 3 Pro represents a perfect blend of innovation and dependability, setting new industry standards for securing digital assets in cold storage. Crafted with an emphasis on user experience and paramount safety measures, this new hardware wallet is a league of its own.

Keystone 3 Pro, priced at USD$149, offers a balanced blend of user accessibility and sophisticated functionality. It excels due to its remarkable combination of top-notch hardware, software, innovative security measures, and dedication to open-source principles, making it an unbeatable choice for those who prioritize their crypto asset’s safety.

Let’s dive into the capabilities of KS3 and discover how it can help you in securing your digital assets.

Sporting a sizable 4-inch touch screen, the Keystone 3 Pro offers not just a visually pleasing device but significantly enhances usability by providing an intuitive user interface. The sizeable display helps users to combat blind signing by allowing them to meticulously review their transaction details prior to approval, thereby avoiding the inadvertent authorization of malicious transactions.

Keystone 3 Pro will continue to support QR code transactions, streamlining the process of sending and receiving crypto. However, in response to some users experiencing challenges with their cameras not accurately recognizing QR codes, and not requiring the enhanced security associated with QR codes, we are incorporating a USB port into the device.

This feature will allow users to utilize a USB connection to interact with software wallets like MetaMask to authenticate transactions. Additionally, firmware updates can be implemented through the same USB connection.

To prevent password leakage, the Keystone 3 Pro has a built-in fingerprint signature authentication feature, adding an extra level of security and ensuring that only authorized users can access the device.

Keystone 3 Pro is currently the ONLY hardware wallet that incorporates the use of three distinct secure elements: the Microchip ATECC608B, Maxim DS28S60, and Maxim MAX32520 offering a level of security that is unmatched. Each secure element has a unique role in reinforcing the hardware wallet’s security, collectively ensuring the protection of recovery phrases and biometric data of users.

Microchip ATECC608B and Maxim DS28S60 are specifically engineered to safeguard recovery phrases. They collaboratively produce a secure environment for recovery phrase storage, with the ATECC608B providing hardware-level security and authorization, and the DS28S60 ensuring a trusted platform module is always in place.

The Maxim MAX32520, on the other hand, is a secure microcontroller unit that plays a vital role in securing fingerprint data. It utilizes encrypted flash storage for safeguarding a user’s fingerprint data, with the verification process being executed securely within the MCU (only available in the Keystone 3 Pro)

Secret recovery phrases serve as the fundamental pillar of crypto security. Each Keystone 3 Pro has the capacity to accommodate up to three distinct recovery phrases, each secured by different passwords, thereby enabling users to oversee multiple crypto accounts from a single hardware wallet. Transitioning between wallets is a breeze, requiring only the respective password inputs. This feature amplifies the device’s adaptability and user-friendly nature. Additionally, it also enables users to easily create a new wallet for multi-signature transactions without the need for an extra hardware wallet. This boosts operational efficiency without compromising the safety and integrity of their digital assets.

In the unfortunate scenario of a “$5 wrench attack” where you are coerced into disclosing your recovery phrase, you can fool an attacker into assuming that another wallet is your primary one. Instead of using your primary recovery phrase, you would enter a different one to unlock a decoy wallet, thereby ensuring the majority of your assets remain secure.

Built on the principles of openness and transparency, Keystone incorporates open-source firmware and hardware, making it possible for anyone to scrutinize, validate, and contribute to its evolution.

Marking a first in the hardware wallet industry, the Keystone 3 Pro incorporates a PCI-grade anti-tampering feature, with an intricate ‘security house’ of circuitry encompassing the core IC and SE chips. Any physical tampering results in an immediate data wipeout, further strengthening the device’s resilience.


Keystone 3 Pro operates on a customized embedded system designed and fully built by the Keystone team. The system creates a compact, task-specific environment that greatly reduces potential attack vectors and enhances both the hardware and software security. This stand-alone system doesn’t interact with any network, making it secure and simple to update and maintain.

Another aspect of the embedded system is that it’s programmed predominantly in Rust — a programming language renowned for its emphasis on reducing bugs. Rust accomplishes this through the utilization of a static typing system. This feature of Rust helps to avert a multitude of errors that could potentially result in runtime issues in other programming languages.

Keystone 3 Pro also comes with an exceptional characteristic — a customizable backplate. This enables users to personalize their Keystone with their favorite image, adding a one-of-a-kind personal flair to their device. However, owing to limitations in the supply chain, this novel characteristic is presently only available to key members and contributors of the Keystone community. Our goal is to make this attribute available to all users by the coming year, 2024.

Lastly, the Keystone 3 Pro is loaded with state-of-the-art features. It’s compatible with various Software Wallets’ Derivation Path and supports the SLIP-39 Shamir’s Secret Sharing scheme. It also streamlines the process of setting up a passphrase, providing an additional layer of security beyond the standard 24-word recovery phrase. Furthermore, it also features multi-signature functionalities and the ability to use a dice to generate the secret recovery phrase, thereby enhancing its array of robust features.

Don’t settle for less — trust the Keystone 3 Pro to safeguard your digital assets effectively! Join the waitlist today!

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