Why Keystone is Way Better Than Ledger for Ton

Jun 20, 2024
4 mins read

TON, short for The Open Network, is a decentralized first-layer blockchain designed for the next billion users. It boasts scalability and sharding capabilities, making it incredibly efficient and user-friendly.

Supported by Telegram, with its vast user base of 900 million, TON effectively lowers the barrier for Web2 users to transition into the Web3 world. In 2024, under the support of the Ton Foundation, TON experienced rapid growth, evidenced by the viral spread of Notcoin and the successful hosting of The Open League.

Tonkeeper X Keystone: Managing Ton Assets with Ease

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Tonkeeper is an excellent tool for both crypto newbies and advanced users in the TON ecosystem. Here’s why it stands out:

  • By simplifying the onboarding process for those new to crypto.
  • Offering powerful features for experienced users, including a selection of 100% safe services vetted by the team.
  • Empowering you to pay for real-world goods and services with your digital assets.
  • Constantly evolves, implementing new, cutting-edge features based on user feedback and the team's insights.

With the integration of Keystone and Tonkeeper, users can now manage their Ton assets seamlessly and securely.

Why Keystone is the Best Hardware Wallet for Ton?

When managing your digital assets within the TON ecosystem, choosing the right hardware wallet is crucial for your asset’s safety and user experience.

Comprehensive Support

Keystone supports not only basic transactions but also Jetton and NFT transactions, making it a versatile tool for various needs within the TON ecosystem. This provides a richer, more comprehensive experience, similar to having a smartphone with internet and apps compared to a basic phone that only makes calls and texts.

Additionally, Keystone works seamlessly across 800+ TON DApps for wallet connection and on-chain interactions. This means you can fully participate in the TON ecosystem with ease, whether it is swapping, staking, or using other DApp functionalities.

In contrast, Ledger handles only basic asset management and transfer operations. This limitation means that using Tonkeeper with Ledger won't allow you to perform essential actions such as swapping or staking assets.

If you use Ledger to connect to Tonkeeper, you’ll get stuck at the wallet connection step and be unable to proceed, whether you're trying to swap on or list and trade NFTs on Ton Diamonds. This results in a very poor user experience.

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Seed Generation Algorithm

Ledger’s reliance on the BIP39 algorithm for generating seed phrases makes it incompatible with TON’s native seed algorithm. This critical flaw makes it impossible to directly import native TON seed phrases into Ledger.

Keystone, however, supports TON’s native seed phrase algorithm, allowing beginners to import their TON seed phrases directly without any hassle. Just like smoothly transferring contacts to a new phone without any formatting issues – effortless and efficient.

Ease of Use

Keystone’s large screen provides a mobile phone-like experience with clear transaction information, helping users verify every detail of their transactions and avoid potential errors. This transparency reduces risk and gives you peace of mind, saving your energy from clicking buttons for minutes.


By addressing the limitations of Ledger and providing features specifically designed for the TON ecosystem, Keystone stands out as the superior choice for managing your digital assets on TON. Whether you're a novice or an advanced user, Keystone offers the tools you need to navigate the blockchain world with confidence and comfort.

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Keystone’s Future in Ton Ecosystem

TON's potential is enormous, we firmly believe in TON’s development and are excited to witness their growth in the near future.

As the TON ecosystem continues to evolve, Keystone is set to play a pivotal role in providing users with a secure and versatile experience for managing Ton assets.

If everything goes well, we also plan to integrate with TON Mobile, allowing users to generate BIP39 seed phrases to ensure seamless access to TON.

We at Keystone value community collaboration and aim to share its technological advancements with the TON community. By fostering open dialogue and innovation sharing, we seek to contribute to the growth and development of the TON ecosystem.

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