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The Evolution of Hardware Wallets: Enhancing User Experience and Security

Jun 25, 2024
2 mins read
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The evolution of hardware wallets is taking on distinct forms, particularly in terms of user experience improvements. Screens are gradually becoming larger, allowing more data to be displayed for verification. However, there are theoretical limits to screen size since a screen larger than a TV would not be practical for portability.

Keystone: Balancing Convenience and Security

At Keystone, our hardware wallet is designed to balance everyday convenience with the robust security needed for long-term cold storage. Our 4-inch touch screen ensures that all necessary information is visible on a single screen, making single-signature transactions effortless.

The Role of Secure Screens

Secure screens themselves are not a new invention, but they don't necessarily need to be directly connected to a secure element to function effectively. With an integrated operating system, it's safer to avoid direct connections or numerous data points to a secure element. Running all functions through a secure element could compromise its contents during an attack. By isolating the secure element, data can be safely viewed on the 4-inch screen and later verified using a software wallet on a phone or computer.

The Pitfalls of Screenless Devices

Screenless devices often face security challenges and must rely on different compromises to function, such as multi-signature wallets or brain wallets, which may not be as secure.

Addressing Potential Security Concerns

Some might argue that there's a risk of signing something different from what's displayed on your screen, potentially tricking the user. However, such an attack would be highly sophisticated, requiring direct physical access to the device, likely disassembly, and tampering. This process would take several days, and the theft would probably be noticed.

The Importance of Open Source

This highlights that extremely complex solutions are not always the safest. If the source code cannot be verified, doubts about the hardware device's functionality remain. Therefore, it's crucial to use open-source software-based hardware wallets to ensure the complete security of your funds.

By focusing on open-source solutions and maintaining transparency, Keystone ensures that your coins remains secure while providing a seamless user experience.

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