Shipping Data Retention Policy

Jun 02, 2021
4 mins read

Here at Keystone, we value your privacy.

Due to past events that occurred to some of our competitors, we have consulted with our legal team and can happily announce we decided to reduce the data retention time to 180 days. Afterwards we will be wiping your data to make sure your private information is not leaked out, ever. With this we wish to better serve our customers to make sure such problems like that our competitors experienced can never happen here at us.

If you have received your product and there are no outstanding disputes regarding your order, you can request to have your personal details deleted by sending us an email with your order number to support@keyst.one. Please clearly state your request about data deletion and we will be happy to assist you. (The scope of your data will be up for deletion: your name, phone number, shipping address and email.)

Please also note that in the request email you will have to confirm that there will be no disputes raised with your purchase, as in, immediate returns or refunds will not be provided. (Warranty related issues will still be processed if there are confirmed problems with your device within the limited warranty period.)

If you were to forget or opt to not send a request for deletion, we will automatically remove your information if there were no new orders made in the last 180 days. This way, we assure you that we will eventually delete your data and not hold onto it.

We made this decision to better serve you and protect your private data. To better understand need to see why we committed ourselves to changing our policy:

In the not so distant past, other competitor Hardware Wallet manufacturers have fallen victim to data breaches, like the Ledger Customer Data Breach of 2020 approximately 1 million emails and 9500 customer details had been leaked out. This is a devastating blow to general trust in the industry that requires immediate data breach prevention.

After the hacking, many users saw emails arriving from the scammers or the attackers purporting to be Ledger customer service. There have been multiple cases of successful scams performed and many users lost their funds because of the scammers ability to trick the users into panic mode and then on their website to get users to input their secret word list to gain access to their funds.

Never ever give anyone else your secret key, your 12 or 24 word list. That was generated for you by an offline device (if you are using a hardware wallet like the Keystone) that nobody else can access but you. As long as you prevent physical access to your recovery phrase or your vault, nobody will be able to steal your funds.

These attacks are very dangerous because when your personal information leaks, the attackers first of all gain access to your phone number.

Your phone number probably is tied to your bank account details, your exchange accounts or email addresses. The attackers could simply sim swap attack your number to gain access to one or all of your accounts in order to steal more from you.

The leaking of the physical address is also a very dangerous leak because it could result in kidnapping or 5 dollar wrench attacks. Both of these are very dangerous forms of attacks, since you are the sole custodial of your funds with a hardware wallet, you become a bigger target for potential attackers. This way it is not impossible to rule out you could potentially encounter abduction or someone who will physically assault you for owning cryptocurrencies.

This was one of our main reasons why we have decided to lower our data retention down to minimal and offer automatic deletions. We also have decided that we will no longer collect email addresses and no longer accept email subscription to better protect your privacy. You will soon no longer see a subscription option on our website at shop.keyst.one

We hope these changes will only serve the privacy of our customers and make us better in terms of adhering to our customers privacy demands. We will continue to innovate and keep finding better solutions for our customers in the future.

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