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Nov 30, 2023
4 mins read
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We are beyond excited to share our latest strategic partnership with imToken. This collaboration marks a significant milestone in enhancing the security and usability of managing digital assets across various EVM chains.

Let’s start with a brief introduction. As a hardware wallet company, Keystone is deeply committed to ensuring the utmost security for your digital assets. We specialise in providing robust devices designed to protect your valuable cryptocurrencies from online threats. Our approach centres around generating and managing your seed phrase in a completely offline environment, thereby keeping potential hackers at bay.

Our integration with imToken represents a unique blend of the convenience of software wallets and the unparalleled security of hardware wallets. This partnership is more than just merging two technologies; it’s about offering you the freedom to choose how you manage your EVM assets through various web3 wallets.

Exploring the imToken in detail:

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imToken stands out in the crowded field of asset management wallets, thanks to its user-friendly UI & UX designs. This simplicity has made it a preferred choice over other web3 wallets. They’re also revolutionising the software wallet space by adopting an open-source approach and encouraging community contributions.

Here’s what imToken offers you:

  • Asset management across EVM chains on iOS and Android platforms.

  • An intuitive swap function for easy token exchanges.

  • A built-in Dapp browser to streamline all your web3 interactions.

  • NFT management directly from the wallet interface.

  • A comprehensive wallet page displaying asset value and current market trends.

  • A market function for real-time tracking of your favorite cryptocurrencies.

Unifying Multi-Chain Support:

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imToken Wallet is your one-stop solution for managing diverse digital assets across multiple chains. It simplifies the process of non-custodial staking from your mobile device, covering everything from coins and tokens to NFTs and ENS. As part of the initial integration, Keystone users can access the ETH and EVM chain assets using imToken without hiccups.

Prioritising Security:

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As an open-source software wallet, imToken places immense importance on security. They conduct regular internal audits and extensive R&D to ensure their products meet the highest standards. They also seek external validation through third-party safety audits from leading security firms like Slowmist and Peckshield, further solidifying their commitment to security. Their bug hunter program, in collaboration with Slowmist, is a testament to their proactive approach to addressing potential vulnerabilities.

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The active security centre in imToken adds an additional layer of protection, analysing smart contracts and safeguarding you from engaging with fraudulent contract addresses.


This partnership between Keystone and imToken is more than just a technical collaboration. It’s a commitment to providing a safe, user-friendly, and versatile platform for managing digital assets. Experience the security, convenience, and peace of mind that comes with using Keystone and imToken together. Your digital assets deserve the best protection, and together, we’re making that a reality. As we continue our partnership, we will gradually introduce more support in the future.

Firmware update:

To take advantage of this integration, Keystone users need to update their firmware to version V- 1.1.4. This update is crucial for establishing a smooth connection between your Keystone 3 Pro and the imToken Wallet. You can find our comprehensive firmware upgrading guide here, and the firmware update is available here.

About imToken:

imToken is a decentralised digital wallet that carries crypto assets, identity, and data in the digital world. Established in 2016, imToken has provided secure and reliable digital asset management services for over 15 million users in over 150 countries and regions.

⬇️ Download imToken: Google Play | Apple App Store

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About Keystone:

Keystone is a 100% air-gapped QR code hardware wallet. The wallet is designed to maximise attack cost, minimise trust, prevent potential human error, avoid single-point-of-failures and boost interoperability. Keystone is integrated with MetaMask (Extension and Mobile) and other top software wallets like OKX, Solflare, Fewcha, etc.

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